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UTI with side pain and fever?

Asked by Liz45 (4points) May 2nd, 2015 from iPhone

I’ve had UTI symptoms for a couple weeks (urgency to pee, constant feelings of having to pee), I’ve taken cranberry pills and juice but it hasn’t gone away. Then about 5 days ago I started experiencing pain in my right side and back under my rib cage. I told my sister in law who’s a doctor and she prescribed me an antibiotic. The day before I started the antibiotic I began experiencing feverish symptoms as well. I’ve only been taking the antibiotic for about 24 hours but the pain consists and my fever has been on and off. Could this be more than a UTI?

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Go to the doctor.

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Yes it could be more; go to the doctor.

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Yes. The infection could have spread to the kidney. This is not something to mess around with. Doctor ASAP. ER if necessary.

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Another vote for seeing the doctor. There could, at this point, be some ureter and kidney involvement.

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Go to a doctor ASAP!

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Yes, sounds like it has migrated to your kidney, see your doc asap.

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Go to the doctor.

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NEVER wait more than 48 hours to treat a UTI. Cranberry pills won’t cure it if you have a real infection. Fever is not good. You most likely have a kidney infection and now you have screwed up getting a culture because you’re on antibiotics.

GO TO THE DOCTOR no later than tomorrow (I think now is better) if you don’t feel better so he can check your kidneys with some blood work. UTI medication works very fast when it’s working. Usually by 24 hours symptoms are greatly reduced. Since the symptoms are seemingly in your kidneys you might need additional days of medication than a typical UTI script, I don’t know. How about at least call your SIL and tell her about the fever. If you aren’t feeling better within 48 hours that med is likely not working. This is no joke if it’s in your kidneys. Better to be safe than sorry and go to the doctor right away.

Also, if your prescription says take with plenty if water that is extremely important. You’ll see it on Cipro and other similar drugs in that category. It is not saying drink water because it helps UTI’s it is about that particular drug. Drugs that say that say it because the medication can form crystals that can settle in tissues in the body including the kidneys. The water helps prevent it.

I seriously have no problem with a doctor prescribing for a UTI without seeing a patient if it’s the first few days, but you already had side pain and had symptoms for a couple of weeks? Your SIL was wrong. She should have at least sent in a chit for you to pee in a cup at a lab to have it cultured, even if she started you on antibiotics to take write after leaving your specimen.

I’m not a doctor.

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I would concur with everyone else here, and hope by now you have already followed their advice and have gone to the doctor.

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My guess is that you have a kidney stone. Best to go to the doctors ASAP.

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It would take actual examination by a medical professional to do more than speculate though, but I can say with confidence that if it’s gone that far, it’s beyond home remedies anyways, so you should see a doctor regardless.

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Sounds like a kidney infection.

Any girl who begins to feel this way, where you got to pee but are having trouble urinating it all, can drink straight lemon juice (8 oz.), over ice.
It helps to eat salty chips or crackers to get it down. :)

You can buy the Real lemon juice bottles by the juice section of your grocery store, or ask and Real lemon is sold in green and yellow bottles. Photo:

This Real lemon on ice works like magic. Drink three 8 ounce glasses of Real lemon and see how better you feel.

Doctors recommend females to add 2 Tablespoons of real lemon to their tea or water daily.

Cut down on sugar, especially sodas! Wipe from front to back, and No bubble baths.

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Go to hospital it’s gone into your kidney.

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I wonder whys the OP wound up doing? I wish she would come back and give us an update.

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Me too and now, they must have a urine sample because some strains are anti biotic resistant.

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She had started the antibiotics so cultures probably would not have been very accurate. I still can’t believe her SIL prescribed without culture with kidney symptoms. By that time the right drug is pretty critical.

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Jeesus. A fever. I’m sure she ended up going by now. And: a culture is about bacterial count and strain. Antibiotics do not alter the strain, but the count. So, even if she had started medication, why would a culture not be accurate?

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It might lower the count to within normal limits maybe? Labs don’t report everything that can be pathogenic if the numbers aren’t huge, it can be dismissed as normal flora. There is a risk of it anyway. I guess if it’s within normal limits then maybe she is ok anyway? I don’t know enough about cultures. I just know I have had problems with getting accurate cultures. Long story.

If she isn’t getting better on the meds then I guess the bacteria isn’t sensitive to that drug anyway and is still growing by leaps and bounds.

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