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How would you assign a shortcut key to turn on/off your wifi or internet connection?

Asked by RZ71 (61points) August 25th, 2016

Good morning!

In a nutshell (as the question implies), I would like to know how to assign a shortcut key to turning my wifi or internet connection on or off.
I have Visual Studio and I am sure this can be achieved by quickly concocting a tiny program that may allow me to do this, but I am unsure of the code I may need to use in association with my wifi or internet. Maybe even just a button that on press will turn on/off my wifi/internet.

I would have tried to do some more research on this, yet it appears that any way I try to word the question, I don’t receive answers I am looking for in specific to what I am referring to.

Thank you for your time and responses.

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What are you using? A laptop? Tablet? Phone?

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There should be a small button on he keyboard with a wireless wifi symbol, if you use a computer or a laptop. Also, when you turn on the internet connection, there should be a small monitor icon in the start menu, close to the clock. Click on it and you’ll find “disable” button. When you want to enable, click on that same icon (now with an X mark) and click on the connection offered.

If it is a phone, that depends on the model. Most touch screen phones have that “drag the finger down and get hidden settings” ability. There is an option to activate/deactivate wifi.

Hope this helps. Peace!

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Perhaps I do not understand the question. My wifi has a button that turns it on or off. To have a button on my keyboard that could do the same, my computer would have to be able to communicate with the wifi. My wifi is a link to a local cell tower that provides the means for my computer to reach the internet, but otherwise is a passive device. Unless a wifi is programmed to respond to signals from a computer rather than pass signals through it, I do not see how it could be turned on and off remotely.

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Almost every pc manufactured in the past 5–10 years with built in wifi has this button already in some form. But if you need a hotkey look at something like autohotkey which was around a few years back. Just needed to edit and drop a little config file in the startup folder. Worked great. Not sure if they still are supported but something like that is surely around.

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What computer are you using? One of my Dells has a slide switch on the left side. The other uses Fn + F2 to turn WiFi on and off.

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LOL! Read too fast! Read, “How would you assign a shortcut key to turn on/off your wife…”

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@Bill1939 The question is (I assume) about turning off the wifi on one computer, not the whole network.

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On my phone I use an app called Tasker, which is meant to be user-configured for various things. I have one “task” set up on my phone to turn off WiFi automatically when I move out of range of my home’s WiFi, and another to turn it on again when I approach. I have separate tasks set up to turn off sounds on the phone a few minutes after midnight each night, and turn them on again later in the morning.

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@Call_Me_Jay, thanks for clearing this up for me.

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