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Do you think anyone in the White House or in Congress reads Fluther?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28003points) August 11th, 2019

This isn’t a Meta question.

Not that they would ever admit it – but I wonder if anyone in the White House or in Congress reads Fluther – probably not to reply to questions, but to see what the citizenry is thinking about various topics and what is trending.

I am convinced that there are at least a couple of journalists – newspaper types – that are on Fluther because frequently there will be something raised here that shows up in the NYTimes or Washington Post a day or two later.

What do you think? Do the powerful read what we write?

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Some NSA analyst, definitely.

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That is always a possibility. Research can be exhaustive and extensive.

I believe many Hollywood executives and producers read reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and the Internet Movie Data Base. A movie view and criticism I once wrote, and how a movie could be made that was different from the one I was reviewing, closely reflects a movie that actually WAS made about three years later. A plot and even a phrase I used was the title of that movie.

Knowing what we think, even if they actually care, probably doesn’t effect policy or decisions much—just that they become more aware of public opinion.

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@Yellowdog Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB are widely followed and reported on. There are NPR podcasts that routinely discuss both those sites; newspapers often discuss Rotten Tomatoes as background for a movie’s success or failure.

But I saw one article about fluther about ten years ago, which led me to joining.

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I think it would be naive to believe no on with influence reads it, or is a contributing member. Maybe not the WH, but who knows who actually runs things.

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That would be nice if real journalists and actual politicians read Fluther. But I feel it could be Reddit, Twitter and FB as the most likely go to spots for these people.

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If I were in the White House or Congress, I would assign staff to read a variety of opinion sources. Some would choose Fluther.

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I am convinced someone in media at least browses here.

I tweeted an invitation to the president some time back
Maybe he had someone give a peek.

I find it curious that someone chose this to be the very first question they answer

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I’ve seen things I’ve pointed out wind up being brought up by journalists afterwards. I figure I’m not so brilliant that I’m the only one who could think of the idea, whatever it is. I say things not only on fluther, but also on Facebook too, so I had assumed it was Facebook, if indeed people are listening in, but it could be here.

The thing is, now one journalists says something and it gets picked up by all of them. It’s hard to know where, or with whom it started.

I’m going to try to pay more attention.

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I once put half a dozen trigger words into a Fluther answer deliberately. If the algorithms of the NSA were doing their job it should have been flagged up immediately as highly suspicious and possibly was but I heard no more about it.

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We I mean they check such things against previous posts to decide if there is anything to it.

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I think it probable that there are journalists who read fluther, and you can be certain that Russian troll farms have this place as a project.

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Yes. They mostly tell me to put signs up in weird places. Or take pictures of a door to an office building every day,

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They’re stupid but not that stupid!

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