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Do you have any famous people in your circle or ex-circle?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19791points) October 17th, 2019

I’ll start.
I think my ex-friend is a Canadain politician, but no proof.
I have family who tried to go into politics.

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I don’t allow people in my circle, and quite frankly it’s none of your business, and the answer is yes.

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A very dear friend of mine is the daughter of Dorothy Parker (most well known for playing the Baroness in “The Sound of Music”) He also did quite a few movies years ago.
I am distantly related to Roger Ebert. Also my ex husband is distantly related to Eddie Albert
(Green Acres).

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Just this guy.
I knew him in school. Only seen him a couple times since. He didn’t remember me last time.
We have our high school reunion this weekend. He never attends.

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Well cool @filmfann!

@Pinguidchance…why the hostility? It’s not like he asked you personally and demanded that you answer.

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@anniereborn Of course you mean Eleanor Parker, who played The Dutchess. Dorothy Parker was a famous writer.

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Just FYI, my screen name is spelled wrong.

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Corey Haim and Corey Feldman hung with my same circle of friends. Was at a few parties with them in the 90s.

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@Dutchess ”@Pinguidchance…why the hostility? It’s not like he asked you personally and demanded that you answer”.

It was obviously directed at me, and certain famous people I know will corroborate my contention when I visit them.

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^I’m so confused.

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@Pinguidchance unless this question came from a PM or a post that directly linked you and him together, I have no idea how it is directed to you alone.

Care to provide a context for your reasoning?

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When I first moved Springfield I was 15 and it was just me and my 18 year old sister. She was friends with a lot of older punk rock guys and they would sit around the house all day drinking 22s of Mickeys and snorting speed. I hated all of them and just hung out in my room with my hamster (actual hamster named Effie) when I was home.

I was really into skateboarding at the time and used to steal my sisters friends skateboards while they were passed out. I would sand the graphics off and paint them and toss on some stickers and switch around wheels and trucks. I hated them all and it was funny to watch them be all methed-out and panicked looking for their skate while I was holding it. Idiots.

losing social skills and random bacon

Prior to moving in with my sister I was living in Redlands, Ca with my mom. I guess you could call it that. My mom spent all her time in Sacramento fucking a dude named Tim and would only come down to our house when our survivors benefits (SSI) check came on the 3rd. She would bay the bills, give me 80 bucks and bounce. I had to live on the 80 for the month. I mostly ate totinos party pizzas and tater tots.

My mom was friends with Kathy who lived in the apartment thing to the left in the link I posted above. Kathy loved white drugs too. The stereotype is real, they always had a shit cars on blocks and would be pulling trannies at 3am. I never questioned this but Kathy brought me pounds of bacon every few days. Not random bacon but packaged stuff from a supermarket. I still don’t know how she came across so much bacon and why there was never pastrami or any other meat. Always bacon.

Kathy also kept me in clothes and random stuff I needed. This was the mid 90’s and boosting/check fraud was how meth people got meth and apparently bacon. But I would want some new Jordans and a Levi Jacket and Kathy would have them a few hours later. This went on for years. Mom couldn’t be bothered with me going to school. So I pretty much skipped (didn’t go) to the 8th and 9th grade.

In Redlands they actually had truancy officers that patrolled looking for kids that should be in school. So I stayed home during the day finding ways to kill time. This was before the Internet and we didn’t have a tv. I stole some golf clubs from a garage sale one day and and spent months hitting golf balls into the side of the house.

Eventually I had enough and called my sister and she got me greyhound ticket to Oregon. I put some clothes and a am/fm radio in a black garbage bag and left..

OMFG.. People

My sister took me to get enrolled in high school. This posed a few problems. For starters she wasn’t my legal guardian. And I had no credits. So they decided to stick me in 10th grade classes so I was with my peers and hope for the best. The last record of any schooling was the middle of the 7th grade. It was decided that we would see how things go and worry about having enough credits to graduate later. This would fuck me over but was really the best option.

But I wasn’t having much luck in the friends department at school. But I was arguably the best skateboarder at Springfield High School in 1994. Bit of a nerd and being stuck in a house in Redlands for two years while everyone else was developing people skills didn’t help. So skateboarding was my jam. I had no friends and my sister started being a real bitch about it.

So I made up friends. It was New Years and my sister asked what I was doing and I told her I was going to meet some people at Voltage which was this teen dance club thing. Friends were fake. But I did end up a skating for a while in the parking lot outside Voltage. Ended up running into two girls I recognized from school that were on the fringes of the pseudo-punk (Nirvana and Green Day) scene at our school. We talked for a few minutes and parted ways. A few years later I would end up losing my virginity to the one with the purple hair.

I am getting to the celebrity part.. Everyone knows this person

I lived here with my sister. I had the room above the car-park thing.

So one night I was skating in the Willamalane parking lot that was a few blocks from our house. People started going to this house across the street and I started recognizing people from school. They were carrying in music stuff. It was a lame punk show but I recognized people. Eventually turned into a pretty big party and spilled into where I was skating. My sisters friends that are full on punk rockers that listen to Operation Ivy and DRI roll up and start talking to me while the Green Day is soo punk wieners from my eng lit class take notice. The silent nerd that can ollie your recycling bin knows people that can safety pin FEAR t-shirts to their shit stained jackets without mom and dad taking away their car.

Eventually I facilitate the purchase of grape 20/20 for the high school people. Punk rock

But that is my in.

A few months later I have lots of alterna-teen friends, one of them is a celebrity and it took me a long time to realize it.

One degree of Rick Moranis, Tom Hanks too…

There was a shitty band called Withdrawal. They lived in the house the party was at. One of the guys in the band was Jared Rushton. You might know him as Tom Hanks friend in the movie Big or from Honey I shrunk the Kids. He lived in the house that was a block away from mine. It was not a nice house and he drove a not so great red Jeep Cherokee that was probably a 1985. We hung out a enough that we knew each others name and if I asked he would put me on the guest list if they were playing somewhere.

But a long time passed before I found out that he had probably touched Tom Hanks IRL..

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Spongebob Squarepants was a mate of mine until fame turned him into an arrogant prick & don’t even get me started on Pocahontas…yikes!!

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I have a Satan in my summoning circle, every month.

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In my youth I was friends with a boy who later would play for the Dutch soccer team Feyenoord, as well as a dozen or so matches for the national team.

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@filmfann Yes you are correct! I’m a dope.

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William Katt was in my YMCA bicycle club in 1962.

Kim Darby was in my class at Van Nuys High. We graduated in June, 1965.

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I grew up down the block from this guy We were the same age and were not close friends, but sometimes we hung out together.

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My graduating class in High School (back in the early 1970s), produced a bunch of congressmen and women, several people who made it big in Hollywood, one rock star, and a couple of recognized researchers and scientists.

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Just a couple of moderately successful musicians hardly anyone has heard of.

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@rebbel I’m thinking one of the following…

Bert Konterman
Gaston Taumont
Kees van Wonderen

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Regi Blinker
I see he only played three matches for the Dutch national team, maybe that’s where I sent you wrong direction.
In my memory it was more often…

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How famous?

A very close friend of mine was an ABC anchor in Toledo, Ohio. We have been in Florida and people recognize her.

I went to school with Mark Bryan from Hootie and the Blowfish. I’m still friends with some of the people who are friends with him, but I don’t directly interact with him since childhood.

I’ve met or spent some time with some people who are more famous, but I can’t say I’m in their circles.

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I went to nursery school with Janis Ian and our families knew each other.

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Yeh that won’t have helped, I remember Blinker too though.

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Extended circles. Friends of friends know Tony Hawk (older than our class) and Shawn White (younger than our class).

No Doubt went to another high school I attended.

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Some of the world’s best theremin players are friends of mine.
I suppose it’s debatable whether or not that counts as ‘famous’ since a lot of people couldn’t name one theremin player or even tell what a theremin is.

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Fay Lovsky!

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