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Where is a safe place to look for unclaimed money in Kansas?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44400points) 1 month ago

I once did one for my husband and found an unclaimed tax return from 1992. We did get a check.
I don’t remember what site I used.

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Thank you very much @https.://

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We found a bank account my mom forgot about, she got $500.

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Maybe in a bank.

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I was just walking through a parking lot in Wichita (I am in KS on business) and I saw a dime in the ground near my parking space.

That dime is no longer unclaimed. It is in my pocket.

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I’M ONLY 50 MINUTES AWAY @elbanditoroso!!!! Come here!!!

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Well I found a few hundred bucks in a cash machine once. Took it to lost and found ( the cash machine had a camera !)

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