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Is there any way I can preverve a strawberry forever?

Asked by simone54 (7600points) May 20th, 2009

I don’t plan on eating it ever. I just want to put it on display.

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Pump it full of formaldehyde?

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…or something along those lines.

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take a picture of it

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Maybe you could glaze it with something? I dunno

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Forever? No.

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You could freeze it?

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Does the strawberry have a face in it or something? Why do you want to preserve it?

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At first I was not sure if you wanted to prevert it or preserve it. does not matter because niether can be done, Not forever and keep it looking the way you want it to.

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Polyurethane and store in freezer?

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If you want to preserve it in the short term (year or so) stick it in a baggie in a drawer full of dry ice. It will freeze so quickly it won’t hurt the integrity of the strawberry cells (i.e., it won’t get mushy when you defrost it). Then you can stick it in your freezer till you want to eat it. In the long term, @Sueanne_Tremendous has it right with plastination.

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Hmmm. Body parts and…..a strawberry.

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I think I’m gonna go with the photograph idea.

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wash it over a running water thoroughly and slowly so as not to damage its skin and color.. put it inside a clean, sterlized bottle.. mix 5 parts water and 1 part sugar.. bring it to a boil and continue boiling for 5 mins.. let it cool, then pour over the strawberry inside the bottle, then seal with the cover..

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You could cryogenically freeze is with someones severed head. :)

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