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Is there a movie/show which you have a hard time watching due to an annoying character ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 4th, 2010

I often wonder what were they thinking when they came up with such characters?
I have a hard time watching the Lord of The Rings trilogy just because the way the Gallum character is portrait (his voice is so fake and annoying) *I’m familiar with the original character from the JJR Tolkien books.
Same deal with Star Wars’ Jar Jar Binks who thought anyone would like such an annoying character.(He sounds like Elmo on speed from Sesame Street)
Is there a sitcom/movie character which you believe took away from the whole show/movie and it would have been better off without him/her/it.

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Family Guy. I can’t stand Peter Griffin for a second.

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I don’t have a problem with characters, but I strongly believe that Sandra Bullock ruins everything.

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@Sarcasm D’ya mean like Jessie James ????

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I can’t watch “So You Think You Can Dance” because that judge, Mary Whatshername gets on my last frikking nerve with her laugh.


Any Steven Segal movie. An overweight guy with a ponytail, bad acting, and a cocky attitude just doesn’t cut it. Lol.

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I hate Homer.

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@ThrallKiller You know people often tell me they cannot watch the Nanny because of Fran Drescher’s annoying laugh but for some reason it does not bothers me at all as I love the show.
@MRSHINYSHOES Have you ever seen him run ? Now that’s funny !! He’s probably the only action hero who never gets hit nor hurt,,,,, in every fight he takes apart the guy within seconds without breaking a sweat and the bad guy is not able to land a single punch/kick!!


@Pretty_Lilly Lol. I know. It’s so hilarious. And he always has this constant “scowl” on his face, like he’s invincible. He never shows his “vulnerability”, which annoys me. Real heroes should show a vulnerable side to them.

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My guy refuses to watch 30 Rock because Tracy Morgan drives him up a wall.

How sad for me that he doesn’t get it when I say “somebody bring me some ham.”

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I avoid anything with Nicole Kidman in it. Every character she plays is annoying.

Oh, and we always try to fast-forward through Liv Tyler’s scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If there’s a scene we just can’t skip over, we badmouth her mercilessly until she goes away.

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I can’t stand Ryan Seacrest in American Idol, hello? we have enough drama with Simon and Paula leaving the show, i mean he’s barely a fair host but, arguing w/ Simon?

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I am with @Captain_Fantasy here. At least Homer Simpson has some endearing qualities and is entertaining, two things you can’t say about Peter Griffin. Waste of screen time and animator effort if you ask me.

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I can’t stand “Kendra” because Kendra is in it :/ “oh my God… ooooh My God.. ohmygod OOOh my God…

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@Just_Justine “WTF” Did you just have a Multiple Orgasm while answering my question!

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I have a hard time watching anything with Keanu Reeves, Meg Ryan and Jude Law.

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@Pretty_Lilly loll no that is her staple sentence.

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The mist , because of Mrs Carmody . Was glad when she got shot !

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Steve Urkel on “Family Matters”.

I was also annoyed by Carl Winslow’s wife and mother when they dissed the poor guy for not wanting the disastrously inconsiderate and clumsy Urkel in his house.

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II loved all the Characters on ‘CHEERS’ with the exception of Carla. I could not stand her.
I thought she was extremely repulsive. I just wanted to slap her into next week.

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There are a number of films that I avoid because I can’t stand certain actors and actresses. @Jeruba I agree with you, Nicoole Kidman is one that I avoid, Renee Zellweger is another!

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Nick Cage. ARGH. He doesn’t ACT. He just plays himself. BADLY. I can’t stomach ANY of his movies, except for Gone in 60 Seconds because of the Angelina factor. Otherwise – NO.

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Sometimes I’ll be watching old sci-fi movies and this guy and two robots will keep interrupting the movie with their witty comments.

But really.
You hit it on the head with Jar Jar.
I despise that creature like no other.

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Especially in “New in town”(renee zellweger)

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Anything with Will Ferrell or Tracy Morgan, They act like the idiots they are. Peter Griffin does annoy me alot and I cant stand his worthless presence at all. And for some reason Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs really gets on my last nerve after it is gone. Alec Baldwin also. He just gets on my nerves also. Another one is Jack Black. They call the crap he and Will Farrell are in comedy, it is more like stupidity. There are others I cant think of right now Im sure. I could probably go on and on and on about this subject, just as many other people could.

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everything you said is true, jack blck and will farrel are always trying too hard to be funny, except for peter, he’s funny, but i get annoyed by him now and then

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I know there are alot of people who like the show Family Guy. I thought I was the only person in the world who did not care for it much until I read this post and question. As I also said earlier I could go on quite a while about annoying characters or actors.

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