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Will someone please tell me what phrase 77 stands for ?

Asked by anartist (14779points) June 8th, 2010

My texting skills are minimal. There is so much of this I don’t know that other Flutherites take for granted.

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Context, please?

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thats a # not a phrase.

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It is part of an Urban legend that says if you dial 77 on your cell phone, it goes directly to a so called rape hotline, and someone close by will attack you.

It was the number of the flight that crashed into the Pentagon on 9–11 so some people say it is either an unlucky number, or a hoax, since there never was a plane with that number.

In Islamic faith, it is the number of God.

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In texting- 77 could also be P.S. (as P and S are both on the seven key)

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@MrItty After a long pm conversation.with many messages exchanged, mist lengthy. as a response after a message of several sentences.

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Never mind this dumb question—it did refer to a number. I am slow sometimes.

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I am disappointed it was not l33t speak.

Did you hear about the guy looking for a 710 cap for his automobile engine?

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Please, folks, this was a grey goose chase with no rewards.

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err… I don’t know if I can actually type this here or not, but I may have the answer, but since I don’t know the context, I might be wrong. A friend of mine uses 77 to stand for anal sex. Really don’t know why people do that, but, eh. Hope this post doesn’t break any rules, that’s just the meaning I know for it!

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@primigravida i do. look at the shape and relative position of the 7s
@jaytkay it does have a meaning afterall

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And you better believe it has nothing to do with anal sex.

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@zenele I have just discovered more than I needed to know about 77
@jaytkay I just looked up the 710 cap. hahaha. thnx

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