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Oh dear, oh dear, what do you think about beer?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20270 points ) December 18th, 2013

disclaimer I don’t like beer, I believe it is one of the biggest waste of time and money next to the Bridge to Nowhere. However, many of you like beer and it is a question you can answer straight forward

No details needed

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Mmh.. Beer.

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No, I hate the shit. Tastes like piss.

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First thought was… dwarves.
I suppose it’s crystal clear I prefer wine over beer, or no alcohol at all, I don’t mind.

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I like beer,

It makes me a jolly good fellow.

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Beer is pig disgusting.

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I think its incredibly unhealthy for its gluten and grain content, not to mention the alcohol. However, the hops in it is quite healthy. Good quality beer such as Budweiser or Guinness doesn’t taste too bad. Alcohol free beer is completely foul tasting, however, I don’t recommend that anyone drink any kind of beer.

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I’m not a big fan, though I might have the occasional Coors if it’s offered to me. My husband loves different kinds of beers – IPA and various stouts in particular. To me, they all taste bitter.

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I’m not a beer drinker either. Never liked the bitterness.

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I love beer (good beer), but do not like the effects of alcohol or the carbs. So, I occasionally have a beer or two as a treat.

Re: “bitter” – this is a feature that is added to beer in the form of hops. A high-quality IPA, such as Dogfish Head’s 60 or 90 Minute IPA are loaded with hops. The bitterness balances the sweetness of the malt.

Anyway, beer is a fairly complex thing. The characteristics of beer and all of the different types are so different. Going to a brewery and having a 12-beer sampler can be a great experience.

Edit: Also, beer may be an acquired taste. And when people have only tried that watery piss stuff, like Coors or Budweiser, and say they don’t like beer, it reminds me of my kids declaring they don’t like asparagus before they’ve even tried it.

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I like some beers, ales and stouts, but unfortunately I seem to have an allergic response to many alcoholic beverages. Therefore, I do not drink and save a lot of money.

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When I used to drink I preferred high quality whiskey. i did like on occasion Samuel Adams cherry wheat during the winter holidays and I also enjoyed the Paulaner Oktoberfest beer from Munich.

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I like beer, make my own. I also have worked a a volunteer at a start-up brewery.
Maybe not volunteer; I did get pre-licensed growlers of beer and lots of taste testings.

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Some beer tastes like urine and is undrinkable. Some beer (mostly the darks) are wonderfully smooth and extremely tasty as they go down.

Most industrial beers are awful.

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@livelaughlove21 Actually, it is pre-piss

I am fond of beer. My three favorite beers are bottled, canned and kegged.

I prefer ones with taste, not your market leaders here in the US such as Bud or anything with the word “light” in it., but there are many craft beers that give you a great variety of tastes and flavors. Evidently, they are an acquired taste however but I am sure you can find something that suites you if you are willing to try different brands.

I have brewed in the past and will again. There is something about making it yourself that makes it taste better (even if, to be honest, it was not that good).

Personal favorite is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale but to each his own.

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I love beer! I live in premiere wine country and grew my own hops years ago when everyone else was planting the grape. haha
I also adore Champagne, but not wine much. I do not drink any hard alcohol except for an occasional Bloody Mary made with Grey Goose, but of course.

There is a wonderful winery/ micro-brewery a few miles from me and they make the most decadent Scotch Ale. A couple o’ pints of this is enough to sink my Titanic, in a good way. lol They also make the BEST California Champagne you could ever ask for.
Sadly you cannot order their brews as they are unpasteurized and need to be kept cold.

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Beer is Near and Dear to my Hear t.

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I dare you to mix a 50:50 combination of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Lindeman’s Lambic Frambois and tell me you don’t like beer.

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Actually I have read that dark beer contains just as many healthy elements as red wine. @Rarebear What do you think?

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Some are good, some are not, but I prefer wine personally. Beer is rather burpy for me, and too many calories for the good ones.

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Natty’s cheap. @Rarebear always throws up when I mention my choice of beer.

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See? Notice he was composing and he disappeared. He’s in the bathroom as we speak.

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@Coloma Well, it’s more the alcohol than any of the elements of the wine. There may be ardiac benefits to moderate amounts (1–2 drinks) of alcohol, no matter the source.

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Good beer is an amazing thing.

I prefer ales to lagers, and generally the darker the better. I love a good porter or stout.

But if I have my ‘druthers, I’m generally a gin drinker.

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@Dutchess_III hahaha, I know a lot of guys who drink Natty Light, that is soooo funny.

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Beer is lovely stuff; as varied and flavorful as wine if not more so. I like higher quality brews; not so much Bud or Pibber these days. Though Lionshead – the Budweiser of Philly – will always have a place in my heart. My favorite breweries are Bristol (Colorado Springs) and New Glarus (Wisconsin).

@dark beer lovers – you guys should try half a Founder’s Breakfast Stout with half a shot of espresso – chills you out and wakes you up all at once, and it is delicious.

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I hate beer. When I listen to my beer-aficionado friends discuss it, I wish I liked it. But I still don’t.

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I am not a big drinker and I especially don’t like beer.

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I had drank one beer in my life when I was in college. I held my nose and chugged it down. I never could stand the smell or taste of beer. It is totally discussing.

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I drink it at parties, but I honestly don’t like it too much. Most of my friends really like it and will go out of their way to get better beer, etc. but I’ve never cared much about it. When I drink, I want to get drunk most times. Beer is not the best way to do that—I tend to get sick of it pretty fast and it all it means is that I’m in the bathroom constantly from drinking so much of it…

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@elbanditoroso Some beer tastes like urine and is undrinkable.
Speculation, I hope. I am not in disagreement with you. Though I have never tasted piss, I am sure it has to have a taste similar to that brewed maniacal, sinister, vile, repugnant, disgusting, evil, horrid, nasty, heinous, reviling, not even good for cleaning oily tools liquid known as beer, (and we can throw whiskies, gins, vodkas, and all the rest of that in as well; in fact, I don’t even think I would trust any of them anywhere near my tools).

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Just curious, those who are not fans of beer – what are your thoughts on bread?

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@tom_g Bread is good.

Although I’m not a fan of beer, I can do beer bong’s like nobody’s business, it’s just not my preferred beverage because of the taste in general. Although a cold one on a hot day is hard to resist, light wheat.

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^ Although a cold one on a hot day is hard to resist,
Not really; the alternatives are far superior.

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@tom_g Bread doesn’t taste like piss, so I quite enjoy it. Are you saying that, since yeast is used in bread AND beer, if a person likes one they should also like the other? Because that’s like saying everyone that likes ice cream should also like cottage cheese because they both contain lactose. Not the case.

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Did anyone mention garlic bread, fresh and hot from the oven? I love bread then!

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@livelaughlove21 – No, nobody “should” like anything. For me, however, many of the same places on my tongue and nose are activated when I consume beer. It’s a very grainy experience. When I drink beer, it feels to me as though I am consuming a type of bread. I was just curious if the grainy/yeasty qualities of the beer are a turnoff to some. I know one person who doesn’t like beer. She also hates bread. I was looking to see if there is a connection. Had no idea it was controversial.

Edit: Also, I have brewed beer a few times. I have associations with cooking grains and beer.

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@tom_g I love bread. I love many different kinds of bread, and I love them most when they’re fresh from the oven – so I can drink in as much of the smell as possible; it enhances the experience. But when I drink beer, which is very seldom, I wish I could shut off my sense of smell. In my mind’s eye, I actually picture my nose recoiling in horror from that beer-ish quality that I dislike so much. It may stimulate the same places on the tongue and nose, but for me with very different results.

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One year, for our holiday get-together, I made a mulled ale, which we drank warm. It tasted like cinnamon bread.

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I have to wonder what all these beer-haters have been drinking. It’s my experience that if you’re drinking anything out of the keg at an American party, it’s probably weak-ass American lager. This is not definitive of all beer. I promise.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’ve had several different kinds of beer. I have friends who will discuss their favourite microbrews at great length, and some who brew their own. I’ve never had anything from a keg, or a Coors of any kind. :P

And I’m Canadian. Beer is. like, automatically stronger here.

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@Rarebear . . . Young’s Double Chocolate is my annual New Year’s Eve kickoff beer. An outstanding pint of pure joy.

@wildpotato . . . Love New Glarus’ Spotted Cow.

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@Rarebear “ardiac” benefits. You mean drinking is good for Aardvarks hearts? lol

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@glacial You have my favourites up there! Unibroue. I have to special order their stuff where I live.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Yeah, I’m practically tripping over the stuff here. Sadly, it’s lost on me. :(

However, Quebec also makes some kick-ass ciders, which is usually what I imbibe among beer-drinkers. Dry ciders, not the gross sweet kind.

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^ Mmmm… cider.

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I knew we could find some common ground. :)

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Do we all agree that rum is gross?

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@tom_g There’s nothing controversial about it. I just answered your question and asked one of my own. Called conversation.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Haha! I’ve been trying to find a love of rum… but haven’t yet. I love a pina colada in the right setting, but keep the Captain Morgan’s the hell away from me.

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The Bitch Creek brown ale is so yummy!

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I’m not a fan of rum shots, but the stuff does well in mojitos.

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Seek, I used to think that until I had really good high quality rum. You get what you pay for.

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Heh…here’s a Rum story, and not a drop of the stuff has touched my lips in over 35 years since. lol
Age 18, friends folks were out of town for the weekend. They had an amazing house and of course, we threw a party. Being poor teenagers my girl friend and I managed to wrangle up some rum but had no mixers, sooo, we picked a bunch of little yellow plums from a tree in her yard, tossed them in the blender with about a quart of rum, and some sugar and ice.
Complete oblivion!

Then, having made vegetarian burritos prior to the rum concoction everyone fed the family dog ” Simon” the leftovers. Nobody put Simon out before bed and we woke up, not only with extreme hangovers and diarrhea ourselves, but….to about 20 piles of dog diarrhea all over the off white carpets!
We were crawling around wretching into towels while trying to scub the horrible dog shit off the carpets. Oh man, a night to remember and to this day the smell of rum makes me instantly nauseous.

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Not a huge fan, but I do like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

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I bought the good stuff for trimming the tree. Stella is patiently waiting for the Blonde couple. We will drink Grolsch on Christmas day.

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@jonsblond Oh I love Stella Artois.

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@Seek I love rum and coke’s.

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^ I do, too, if they have so much lime in it that I can’t taste the rum. CUBA LIBRE!

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I lean more toward wine. Beer feels sort of more substantial… like wine is a balanced accompaniment to food, but beer practically is a food. That’s totally irrational because they both have about the same amount of calories per serving, but it feels like beer has more “stuff” in it. For me, drinking one beer is about as filling as eating a slice of bread. With wine, it’s more like I can just effortlessly enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong; I do really enjoy a good beer now and again. I really love Belgian and Belgian-style beers for all the funky, malty flavors. They’re really thick and hearty, so that goes back to the irrational thought that beer is a food. Some of my favorites are Delirium Tremens, Allagash Curieux, most everything by Unibroue, and Three Philosophers. The most recent thing I tried was totally different, Goose Island bourbon barrel-aged stout. It’s nearly 15% ABV, as dark as motor oil, and as thick as a port. Holy jebus. It was really interesting, but everything about it- the flavors, the weight, the bitterness, and the alcohol- was so intense that it took forever to finish just one.

For me, wine vs. beer is like reading a favorite novel where you know every word, vs. working your way through a challenging classic. Wine just “flows” better, but they’re both rewarding.

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I am enjoying an absolutely wonderful Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock as I type this.

Dessert with a kick!

What is not to like?

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Love beer.
Like rum, gin and pretty much all of the other liquor mentioned so far.

Don’t like Fernet or Unicum.
Wonder who is going to respond to that first? Ucme or Hypocrisy_Central? :P

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@Nimis beer
Love beer.
Wonder who is going to respond to that first? Ucme or Hypocrisy_Central? :P
Well, since the gauntlet was dropped, I feel people are free to like the most vile, repugnant, disgusting, nasty and evil things, liquid or not, that their heart’s desire; I on the other hand, will avoid them like the Black Death. ;-)

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The only beer I will drink is Corona…with a lime.

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People who say that beer tastes like piss have obviously never drank urine before.

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@Symbeline . . . i can only cop to drinking myine. i haven’t drank urine either.

go packers

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