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Why do hairdressers cut off too much hair even when you tell them "that's enough?"?

Asked by Aster (19062points) January 24th, 2011

When will I ever learn? Most of the time when I go to a beauty salon for a trim , or especially a style, they cut off massive amounts of my hair! When I say, “ok! that’s plenty” they keep cutting. Q: why do they do this? Is there some monetary reason? She had a razor and comb and just kept chopping away. Now it’s so short that, which hasn’t happened before, it is growing back very unevenly and I can’t make it look presentable. All the other times, hot rollers were able to fix it as it grew out. Is there a reason this happens? At least the bangs are long, thank heavens.

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Figure out before you go in exactly how many inches you want cut off, then be very firm about it, demonstrating how much.

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Know what I did? And I’ve done this before. I found a photograph in her magazine, handed it to her , then she proceeded to sort of fix it like the picture only much much shorter!

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That’s why showing her on your own hair is so important.

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I think most of the time this is a misunderstanding. When you say 2”, they take it literally. I think that most people underestimate exactly how much 2” is off of their total haircut. I think certain factors, like the texture of our own hair, the shape of our face, cause us (the customer) to misjudge exactly how much we want taken off.
If this is a specific hairdresser, you could always switch to another.
It helps to use visual cues.. you know, say “I want my shortest layer here (while pointing to your chin, or mid neck, or whatever) is helpful, rather than giving just a photo or just a number of inches.
Also, you could specifically ask for something “a bit longer” than the photo.

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I think I have to show them pictures of hairdos that are much longer than I really want to be safer.

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“Also, you could specifically ask for something “a bit longer” than the photo.” GA!! This is probably what I need to do when it grows back out in 2014.

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Just a side note, but when you say “that’s enough” they still have to shape the cut, and will need to continue cutting to do so.

I totally agree with @TheOnlyNeffie, that people underestimate the amount 2” is, but since that’s not the case here, I like her idea of asking for it longer.

Another option? Find a new hair stylist and stay with the one you like. I’ve had to look long and hard for one I liked that actually listened to me.

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I’ve been wondering this since I got my first haircut as a baby! The only explanation I’ve ever come up with is that it’s virtually impossible to communicate perfectly to hairdressers the exact length or style you want. They just don’t view our hair the way we do. It’s maddening.

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AL, I know so you’d think a photograph would resolve the problem of communication but no, they still over-cut. Kind of funny in a sick way. lol

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Also, if they cut it wet, it’ll be different when dry.

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True. It was wet when she cut it. Then when she blew it dry it actually looked cute. Nice. Next morning? YIKES !! And now it’s GAG.

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In the meanwhile, it is winter. So you can get away with tons of hats or scarves while it grows out. Headbands and pretty barrettes are nice, too. :)

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lol I have not worn a hat or scarf in 40 years.

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@JilltheTooth is right.You have to show them with your fingers how much an inch is.
My hair stylist drinks heavily,so I have to show her with her own fingers. XD

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The only time in my life I was able to grow really long hair was when I was pregnant. I went in for a “trim” and she chopped 4 or 5 inches off. I was pissed.

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Cutting hair to a hairdresser, is like a drug addict taking just one hit of a mj cigarette. I think they go into orbit or they are talking so much, they just get carried away with themselves.

This is the answer from my neighbor, who cuts hair for a living.

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Then when she blew it dry it actually looked cute. Nice. Next morning? YIKES !! And now it’s GAG.

Develop a good relationship with your stylist.
I have actually switched stylists because my old guy just didn’t get that I want to spend very little time on my hair, and that no, I will not be using 7 products and 3 heat stylers every morning.
If you are not willing/able to spend a lot of time on your hair, make sure your stylist knows it and exactly what you are willing to do and how long you are willing to spend and that you need a cut that will work within your limitations.

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I asked my hair stylist this same question once when I’d been his customer for about 20 years. He said, “Lots of times people ask for just a little trim when really I can see that they need more than that, so I just do what I think is right.”

He showed me a trick. He had a name for it, but I have forgotten what it was, maybe “pocket”-something. He made a cut to my hair, snip-snip, and then he said, “See? I only took that much off.” But he had actually made the second snip to the lock of hair in his hand after making the cut, shortening it before he showed it to me. He did it again right in front of me: cut about ¾” and then shortened it to about half that, letting the excess fall to the floor in a quick gesture. He said, “We do that when we know it needs to be cut more and the client asks to see how much we’re taking off.”

“You’d never do that to me, would you, Ronnie?” I asked, and he just gave me the innocent face of a cherub: “Oh, no, of course I wouldn’t!”

And of course once they’re committed to talking a certain amount off, they have to go all the way around. You wouldn’t want them to take an inch off one side and not the other.

So I think the answer is: because they believe they know what’s best and you don’t.

And probably sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re wrong.

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I hear you Aster. I think some of them are just scissor happy. A bit like a man who has been asked to prune the garden and goes and gets his chainsaw… true story. I have never seen so much of my neighbours and never want to again. Like hair, it took a long time to grow back. I think it is a sort of hairdresser madness. One snip and they are off.. they lose control and before you know it .. aagh! Why is so much of my hair on the floor! I had one who made me look like a monk .. sighs…

I show them on my hair. I want this much taken off. I take a photo too. When they are new to cutting my hair, I am always stressed and I make a point of telling them a couple of my personal hairdresser nightmare stories and that I am very nervous about hairdressers so they should be cautious and less is more in my book. Guaranteed, when I find one that listens to me… they go and get a new freakin’ job!! Touching wood all around me, the one I have now is great and she has been there for over a year. Please don’t leave Alicia.

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