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Whats a good name for a cute bunny?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 2nd, 2008

I just gave my girlfriend her birthday present. Its a white bunny with pink eyes a black nose and grey ears. We think its a female. Help us name it.

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fuzzywinkle or snurla

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Hosefeffer! Like on bugs bunny. Or you could go with the cute name of Sophie!

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Puffle, Hopstepper, Popple, Bing, Dennis Hopper, Weeblo, Weevil, Bol Weevil, Cotton Face, Harry, Lubble, Gumpus, Yumble, Hijinks, Bucky…

Multiple names are always good if you can’t pick just one.

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PW; you’d call a bunny “Brilliant?”

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My son called his bunny “Herbie” because the rabbit is a herbivore.


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@Gail- No, “Playboy” is a great bunny name on many levels. It’s cute, depicts a bunny’s behaviors, and makes the bunny seem like a little man or person. Not to mention, it’s just funny. One can even call his cage “The Mansion.”

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Floppy McFluffer!
Pinky McFluffs! (for the eyes)
Furbagail McFluffenstein!
Kinky the Hare!
Herbagail!(a feminine form of Herbie as SRM suggested)
Thumper was in Bambi, but after she cleans the cage a few times she might call it Dumper
Tina or Annie!

You could also set her up a section in her “Mansion” called “The Grotto”, so she can just kick it!

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it just peed on my shirt!

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@stevenb: Hassenpfeffer is a kind of peppered rabbit stew. It’d be like calling a pet pig Bratwurst. Hmm.. actually…

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PW: Then Buster could change his name to Hugh? And Dennis Hopper isn’t anything to sneeze over, either, except that he is such a bad boy…unfair to pin that on a bunny?

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Call him Wolfmeat.

It depicts power / humility.

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mr. Safer than a rabid dog

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female rabbit names people.

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I can’t recall if Monty Python specified if the Rabbit of Caerbannog was male or female.

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Matt Bergoon!

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honey bunny (o:

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calm down honey bunny!

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Since it will be leaving you and her a mass of Raisinettes, how about Inette?

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@P That flows well! I don’t know why!

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How about Foo Foo

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@B I think it’s your italian cousin.

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snuggles, daffie, chloe…... Uhm…...

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bun-bun, foxy cleopatra, lil bunbun, audrey, honey, bee, usagi (oo-saw-gee) which is rabbit in japenese, aiko (I-ko) which is love child in Japanese.

Oh yeah, guess you’ve posted this 4 hours ago… Have you though of a name yet?

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Seriously though, WOLFMEANT is the most awesome name ever. Why give a bunny rabbit a cute name, that doesn’t make him special. People will remember your rabbit if you name him something nobody will forget. Wolfmeant just sounds mean anyways, sounds terrifying really.

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Esmerelda Villalobos

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Bugs Bunny
Bunny girl
Bunnyta: from Spanish Bonita meaning Beautiful
@ kevbo where in the world u got that Villalobos name from? just wondering

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Jester the Graphix bong

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fee fee trixibell

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call it Snuffy

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Thank you everybody for all the names. My gf has decided to name the bunny Ellie Mae after the Ellie Mae on The Beverly Hillbillies.

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I have a cat named ellie mae, LOL, make sure you get the bunny vitamins, you don’t want them to get sick.

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Well,it depends on the Gender of the Rabbit/Bunny.
For a Female,a BEST name could be ‘Precious’.Because,Female Rabbits should be treated with gentle care.And for a Male,the name could be ‘Strotuff’.I know this name is UNUSUAL,but,the Male Rabbit is more Strong and Tougher than a Female.And the Strategics say so.But it IS true.I actually came UP,with ‘Strotuff’.Combining strong and tough together,it’s just PERFECT!I PURPOSELY spelled tough wrong because TOUGH is just a BORING way to spell it,and OBVIOUSLY,TUFF is kinda cute and spicy!WOW!Well,those are my suggestions for the Male and Female Rabbits.
Hope you take mines!(:

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^^what’s up with the caps, and no spaces after periods????

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Garbo, Collingwood, Maggie

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