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If someone handed you a check for $1,000,000, what would you do with the money?

Asked by jca (35976points) January 19th, 2014

I was just watching on the CBS Sunday Morning Show, a segment about a 1955 TV show that highlighted, weekly, a rich man who gave one million dollars to various people. Once a week, the show would discuss the person (or couple) who got the check and what they did with the money.

In 2014, $1,000,000 is not what it was in 1955. A few years ago, one of my co-workers won $1,000,000 with a scratch-off lottery ticket. He took a 20 year payout, which, I calculated, after taxes gave him about $33,000 per year. Not enough to quit work over, but a little “bone” annually to help out, take a trip, buy a car, or invest.

I would probably buy a house and invest the rest. I could not quit work. Right now, for me, for the most part, if I need something I can afford it on my salary, so the million dollars would be “icing on the cake.”

What would you do if someone handed you a check for one million dollars?

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If I lived in NYS, which I do, and invested in the Vanguard Long Term Triple Tax-free bond fund, which I would, I would clear today $36,100. That would be nice to share with my daughter and my three grand-nephews.

I might install a walk-in tub/shower for my arthritic joints and use a little to continue to improve my property…the Gail Calder Nature Conservancy…to be enjoyed by future generations.

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First, I would put it in the bank. Next, I would do my internet business I have thought about for a while. About $10k to get it started. I would buy a condo in southeast FL. I would let me husband buy a more expensive car than I prefer. I would save some money knowing we will wind up helping my inlaws more and more. I would invest the rest eventually in mutual funds or CD’s. Previously with questions like this I talked about opening a karting track, because where we lived in TN the closest one was 4 hours away. Now that we are back in FL there are three within 2 hours, so that fantasy has taken a back seat for now, but it still lingers somewhat. Some sort of business with my husband would be great. I guess the big question is if $1million is enough for him to quit and take a risk or pursue something else. I would be fine with him doing it, but I am not sure he would be comfortable. He talks about doing consulting eventually, maybe this windfall of money would give him the security to try it.

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First thing, bank it.

I have always dreamed of something like this happening, and what I would do. About 20 years ago, I came to the conclusion that I would bank/invest 80% and play with the other 20%.

So I would bank 4/5 of it in something that would increase in value, and I would travel, pay off the house, buy a new car, with the remainder..

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My sister has three kids. 50K for each so they know they at least have a chance to go to college and don’t drop out of high school like I did since I knew college wasn’t a option. Probably buy my sister a house in Portland (300K). Get my mom a house in one of the flyover states (100K).

I would stay in my shithole studio apartment and sit on the rest. Or coke and hookers. It is hard to say without being in that position.

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@johnpowell – hookers would probably be more fun.

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I have tried both. Coke is way more fun.

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Give half to my brother, invest three-quarters of my half, pay off my home and car loans, and then spend the rest like there’s no tomorrow.

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^^^ ‘What rest? You would have something left from $125,000 after paying off the mortgage and car?

Are we considering this $1 million an after-tax gift?

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Buy our home and upgrade our vehicle; invest the rest for retirement.

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I would use it to invest in the development of a fully automatic tentacle rape machine.
Everyone will want one!

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I could buy lots of PEZ dispensers!

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Convert it into £££££‘s then swim naked in my very own cash pool, giggling like a schoolgirl as I went.

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By the time I paid the IRS their share, I’d take the remainder and buy a gallon of gas – maybe two if I was lucky.

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After paying debts, and buying a moderately priced new car, I’d invest the rest in a few mutual funds. But even one million after taxes wouldn’t get far in Northern California, so I’d have to keep working.

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Take a cross country trip visiting every strip club I could find.

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I would pay off my debts and buy a house in Colorado. I’d put a quarter of it in a savings account for my son to have when he is old enough. I’d also buy my mom a house. She’s been through many struggles in her life and due to those struggles she still isn’t able to own a home. I’d love to get her out of renting and buy her a nice place to finally settle down and call home.

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Quit my full time job so I had time go to school full time and finish my degree…

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Three simple words: hookers and cocaine ~

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@bob_ You could share with @johnpowell.

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After taxes, that’s about $660,000. About half of that would get me completely debt-free. I’d put about $100,000 in a college fund for my daughter, and invest the remaining $200,000+ for our retirement.

Then, back to work. My monthly savings from no debt would go into liquid savings for fun and emergencies.

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In Canada your winnings are tax exempt The Lottery Corporation pays the taxes so if you win a Million dollars you get a million dollars,I would invest it then in a few years retire early.

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I’d move out of the US, to either the UK or New Zealand, and buy a house outright. Then work on citizenship and live off whatever’s left whilst getting settled.

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I’d spend most of it on wine women and song and the rest I would just squander.

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I would play 4,000,000 game of Ms. Pac Man.

I will see all the cut scenes.

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I would invest it and use it to live on.

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Put it in the bank and live off the annual accrued interest.

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Shopping spree, first stop, DENVER, for some of that non medicinal.

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I would become a foodie and travel the Canada and the US for the first year ,and try the food. I would give my local homeless shelter enough money for king size blankets or sleeping bags at least 500 comfortable ones and $140,000 for the shortfall that they had this year, so that people can stay warm all day in the winter. I would pay off my student loans and my credit card and become a career student at Athabasca University until I get a Masters degree in Career Counselling, then I would open up a really good free and fun , by donation, website for Career seekers and those trapped in a rut. Also I would renovate my bedroom and bathroom for tall people… An Emperor sized bed and blankets and towels, and a deep and long bath tub. Then I would hire a matchmaker to find the perfect woman.

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Put it in a trust for my children, and stop worrying forever.

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I would open an off-short bank account and deposit the money where Uncle Sam didn’t know it existed.

My extravagance would be a new (to me, one year old) Lincoln SUV.

I would let it sink in for 6 months, then decide what I really want to do, since it’s now reality versus speculation.

20 years ago, I remember a guy making the argument that $1,000,000 was not enough to retire on.

I would give serious consideration to a residence in Hawaii. No? Then the beautiful U.S. Southwest. NO?? Well, then crap, I might have to stay in the paid-for Midwestern ranch and travel the world.

(Give me Billion and I have that all mapped out!)

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@ibstubro I also would like a billion dollars.

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@Bluefreedom: Check the best interest rates offered by putting money into a savings account even in the most generous of US banks.

Here’s a typical example; American Express high-yield savings account.

$1 million dollars at the end of one year will earn $8,536. Compounded for five years, without taking any money out until then, you have a whopping $43,416.

If you put the million into a CD at CiT bank, you take home at the end of one year $2500.

Vanguard’s Money Market Fund is now paying 0.01% per annum.

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@talljasperman BILLION is Earth Shaking kind of money!

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@gailcalled. Had no idea the returns were that bad. I’d definitely re-think my first idea then.

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No, just a BILLION @uberbatman. Or 8

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Pay off my house, quit my job, travel frugally for a few months, and bank the rest. I could live the rest of my life comfortably on what was left.

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I would hire a full time Doctor for Fluther to answer all the weird health questions.

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Gamble it away, like most people I’ve known had done, though they had inherited their money.

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Donate it to a charity or to my church.

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