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Should I go to the doctors or hospital?

Asked by Gillybilly (10points) March 9th, 2014 from iPhone

I have had really bad stomach pains in my lower right side just above my hip bone and I don’t know if it would be appendicitis or not please help me

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Do not use any Internet social site to decide whether or not to seek medical advice.

If you’re urgently sick, go to your nearest emergency room.

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IF (and that’s currently an if) it is the Appendix, you don’t want to let much time pass. Once it bursts, you’ll then have infection spreading throughout your body and much more difficult to control than if its still contained.

Why take an unnecessary chance? There’s no way any of us can know for sure. You really need to be assessed by someone with the letters MD after their name.

Just go to the ER; sooner rather than later.

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Do not screw with any abdominal pains. If it’s bad get to the ER asap. It could be a lot of things, none of them good. GO!!!!!!!!!

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Could be appendicitis. Go to hospital now!

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Go to emergency room. When you are better, let us know what happened.

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Sounds serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. Go as soon as possible. However you honestly should not take the advice of others online concerning health issues. I’m guessing most of us on here are not doctors or are not professionally trained. If you feel the pain is unbearable, then you should seek help right away.

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@Gillybilly – What happened? Are you feeling better now?

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