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What do you think will probably happen behind closed doors after this incident?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42474points) May 18th, 2016

This kiss cam video.

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They took acting classes after seeing their poor performance?

This stuff is fake.

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That shit made WWE look like award winning fly on the wall

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@DoNotKnowMuch Killjoy!

I choose to believe the dude will have plenty of time alone with his phone this summer.

The video YouTube pushed afterwards was good Kiss Cam Compilation

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It isn’t unusual for a “Kiss Cam” to show a situation that’s over-the-top outrageous. As @DoNotKnowMuch said, these scenarios are set up for our entertainment and viewing pleasure.

In the clip you posted, wasn’t it convenient that the mascot just happened to be nearby, ready to snatch the girl and complete the mini-skit?

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I’m waiting for “Flip the camera off” cams. That cam I can get in to.

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OK, you guys. I got it. You can stop now.

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Well you DID ask in social.

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OK, you guys. I got it. You can stop now. Copy and paste is the coolest invention ever!

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I could tell by his arm movements he was yelling at her in Bostonese.

Ugh. I could just hear that grating Yankee accent.

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