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When was the last time you blew a seal?

Asked by azlotto (2446points) October 14th, 2016

I never have.

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1970, Hwy 130 coming from the Renaissance Festival near Paterson, California headed toward San Francisco in a 1955 Chevy while climbing a steep grade and suddenly blew the fuck out of that engine.

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@Zaku…LMAO!... You got that…Thanks for your answer :)

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Never have had it happen to me, but I have replaced many that have.

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We’ll have to ask @Janbb

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A penguin was driving a car along a bumpy country road on a hot day when the engine suddenly sputtered and died. The penguin popped the hood, but the engine was steaming so much and there was so much heat and smoke that he had to step back to get away from it. He called for a tow, and the tow truck driver took him and the car into town to have it looked at. The mechanic said that he’d look it over right away, and suggested that the penguin grab a bite to eat at the diner across the road, and then come back in a half-hour or so for an assessment.

The penguin had a snack and grabbed an ice cream sandwich – because it was a hot day, after all – and walked back across the road to hear from the mechanic. As he was waiting for the road to clear and eating his ice cream, it started melting down his chest, leaving a sticky mess. But without wanting to waste any time, the penguin hurried across the road to hear the news.

The mechanic stepped out from behind the car, nodding his head as he addressed the penguin, “Looks like you blew a seal,” he said.

“It’s just ice cream!”

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@Espiritus_Corvus…1955 Chevy was/is a beautiful body style.

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I know, I know. It was universally appreciated then as now. It was parting gift from a girlfriend who ran off to a Sufi camp to live with her guru. I had it only two months. I sat on the side of the road staring at that smoking hulk and quietly weeped.

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@CWOTUS beat me to it.
Last time I lost one it was the shaft drive seal to my 78 yamaha triple. Took about a hour to replace, five or so to clean up the gear oil mess. That reminds me about when I first got the machine in ~2009. It had the original gear oil….from 1978. If you have ever smelled gear oil….

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I blew a rear seal in a 1964 Ford F-100 pickup doing about 80mph on I-95 just outside Macon, Georgia on my way from Miami to Philly in 1979. The rear end locked up, bounced all over the place and I flipped it trying to regain control and avoid a car in the other lane. A passerby gave me a ride into some small town and the one mechanic/tow truck guy gave me $150 for what was left of it and I took a bus.

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I’m not gay so that would be Crazy

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Is this something lonely Eskimos do?

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@Seek…Holy cow!

You know what they say: “Once you go seal, you never go back”...or something like that.

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@ucme Same here. Thanks for your answer.

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@Kropotkin Lol…Could be.

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No, im just not into bestiality.

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@Buttonstc…What are you talking about?...jk…Thanks for your answer :)

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@Espiritus_Corvus What kind of seal did you blow? You said rear seal, so that would be a rear crankshaft seal. Could also be a rear transmission seal. Or axle seal, or pinion seal. Just curious.

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I’m not a mechanic, but the guy said it was my rear seal, in the differential. Both rear wheels just suddenly locked up. I suppose I had been leaking all the monkey grease from the differential onto the highway for quite some time and it just shattered or welded together or something. It was very sudden and very violent..

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I’ve heard it referred to as “blowing a gasket.”

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The power steering pump on my newer Integra has a slight leak.

If I’m in the mood I’ll rebuild it myself.

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I haven’t but I have blown a gasket

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