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Is it okay for dogs to eat cornbread?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 14th, 2010

I hated to ask this question in realtionship to the dog eating apples question, but it just occured that i need an answer to a cornbread issue. my border collie apparently cannot tolerate cornbread. i made this discovery in a horrible way. just left Cracker Barrel Restaurant and gave my border collie two cornbread muffins. bad mistake. left him in my car for approx. three hours. cool weather outside, windows down 2 inches from the top. i cannot describe the scene in the back seat of my Toyota. rubber gloves and a whole roll of paper towels did not touch this mess. after spraying a whole can of Lysol inside and the windows rolled down for a 40 mile ride home in the rain, the smell was no better. did the cornbread muffins have this effect on my dog?

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three hrs is a quite awhile for a dog to be in a car, he may have been scared or a bit nervous to be by himself.or it could just be he was car sick :/

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Preservatives? Dogs do do it up right when they get sick, don’t they!!

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I think its morallly alright, the idea of a dog eating a corn product.

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Veqelizabeth, wife and i take him riding with us all the time. he loves to ride. this has never happened before. he is never car sick. he is only fed Pedigree and his diet has never changed, except for this night. he went to the bathroom before we left him in the car and he normally just lays and waits for my return. this night was different. really different.

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Corn is the main ingredient in most dog food and this is what has me puzzled.

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hmmm.. i don’t know. maybe try calling your vet ?

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Dogs get stomach viruses. Maybe he got a slurp of bad water on a walk some hours before.

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Faye, don’t think so. my border collie is an inside dog. he eats and drinks only inside. he is a finiky eater and eats only the best. we take him outside just to do his thing and thats it.

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Poor puppy! Not sure if the cornbread caused it, but it’s probably a safe bet to avoid feeding it to him in the future. :-)

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Probably has more to do with the fact that you got the muffins from Cracker Barrel Restaurant. No joke. I worked for those people for a few weeks some years ago.

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Just for clarity here, all of this came out the front end of the dog and not the back as well ?

And it smelled that bad ?

If that’s the case, I would think twice before ever eating at Cracker Barrel ever again.

You know, like the old canary in the coal mine early warning system ?

Sounds like your poor dog just unwittingly played the role of the canary.

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I wouldn’t recommend feeding your dog cornbread, or any other kind of bread for that matter. Dogs lack the enzymes needed to break down corn, wheat, and soy. And of the three, corn is the worst. Unfortunately, just as with nearly all packaged human foods, most dog foods are loaded with it. That’s the evil of the corn industry. While it may be more costly to seek out dog foods with no corn, wheat, or soy it will save you money in vet bills. Also you’ll find you won’t have to feed your dog as much as s/he will be getting more of the things s/he needs and none of the cheap filler that just makes your dog eat and crap more. My dog is a decent sized pooch. She only eats foods without corn, soy, wheat, and soy and gets by on very little it. Plus she only poops once a day.

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Just like what @AstroChuck said. Dogs, especially active ones, need high protein food. They’re really not meant to eat carbs.

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@tragiclikebowie- Except for rice. Rice is actually something pretty good in a dog’s diet.

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