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Could a tanning bed cover get so hot as to damage body?

Asked by marialisa (464points) March 24th, 2010

Is it possible for a brand new, high intensity, tanning bed to do damage to nervous system or soft tissues of nasal passages if the cover was repeatedly pulled flush to the side of face and body over and over again. What temperature could the plastic cover become?

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What temperature could the plastic cover become?
Depends on the melting point of the plastic we are talking about.

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UV rays from the lamps will fry you before the surface of the bed gets hot enough to hurt.

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Yes tanning beds can damage the nervous system. Our bodies weren’t ment for such a thing. Exposer to high levels of heat can also throw the body into having what is called heat stroke which can cause a heart attack.

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Tanning beds in general are dangerous and unhealthy. Forget the cover temperature, get rid of the thing.

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Use it to dry fruit or something, lol. There’s no substitute for the sun when it comes to tanning.

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Tanning beds can also cause cancer because its UV rays are similar to the sun. Tanning is just a bad idea period rather its under a tanning bed or the sun.

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I’m not understanding the question, fully. a tanning bed cover?

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The plastic (acrylic cover) that separates tanning bulbs from face and body. Pulled to touch face, in high intensity tanning beds.

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Absolutely not it wouldn’t! That stuff is THICK. It would take a lot to heat up that plastic.

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@zophu Then the fruit would be radioactive….

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