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what is agile development framework

Asked by workout228 (3points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone
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Agile is the name of a software development methodology that calls for rapid iterations through the traditional software development life cycle (analysis, design, development, testing, acceptance). The term was coined when a group of programmers came together and published the Agile Manifesto back in 2001.

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Agile software development methods are ways of breaking down and splitting up the problem that lets you adapt to rapidly changing requirements.

An agile development framework is a software development framework that encourages working in an agile manner.

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You might want to look into the MVC pattern of writing software. The idea is to split the logic away from what is viewed. I don’t really want to get into it but this link might help.

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MVC—while an excellent way of organising code—doesn’t really have anything to do with Agile.

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Agile software development is a competitor to Waterfall.

Agile is characterized by the quick communication and the huge involvement of the client (be it an internal stakeholder or a real client) in the development phase.

Here’s an article mainly defining agile software development principles in 10 points, with a brief description about Agile methodologies such as scrum, XP, DSDM

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