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Do you believe that a teaspoon of local honey can alleviate allergy symptom?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) April 20th, 2010

I heard on CBS two news it can.
How can I find some ?
Do you think it would work?

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It does work for mild to moderate allergies and it depends on what they are. Like most home therapies one must take them for a while to gain full effect. It’s usually regarded as best to start a few weeks before allergy season to give your body time to build up resistance. Finding local honey that is truly local tends to be more difficult in urban areas and certain colder regions where the Summer is short. Farmer’s markets are a good place to start.

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Thank you for confirming what I thought.
I am suffering lately.

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Nope. Bees are picky , they don’t have any interest in every allergy producing plant, just the ones that they favour. Even if some magical “immunity” could be transferred by their honey – they have missed most of the problems.

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I make a lemon syrup home remedy by boiling lemon peels and then adding honey to it. It really helps me with my allergies and head cold. Just have to be consistent in taking it. But I feel better and there are no bad drug effects from it. Of course it could be all in my head. But the first time I had it, I had a bad head cold and my father in law made me some. I thought I would appease him but I really didn’t think it would work. It did so now I make it a few times a year and keep it in the fridge the moment I start to feel bad.

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Yes, and “local” is important. You should be able to find some in your local family-owned stores. I wouldn’t expect to find local honey at Target.

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Yes, honey is good for so many things, hangovers, soar throats, Honey is a natural antibiotc. You canput it on wounds as well. Google it, You will be suprised. Also it dosn’t go bad. they have found honey dayed back to the Egyptian times.

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What I have read about this is that in order for this to be effective for allergies, it must not only be local but also contain a portion of the honeycomb in the jar.

It has something to do with being less processed/filtered and containing small amounts of the pollen residue.

It’s supposed to work on the same principle as the weekly/twice-weekly allergy shots, gradual minute exposure to the allergens in question.

If ones primary allergies are to pollens, I can understand that to a degree. But many people have allergies to other substances like molds, etc. So I don’t know how that would work.

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@Buttonstc I don’t have any expertise with the various things honey can or cannot do for a person, but I have lots of experience in purchasing local honey and can say that if you can find the local stuff, about 80% of the time you can find some with honeycomb in the jar.

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It think it only effective against pollen allergy. Other specific allergies need different specific treatments. But more or less honey will make you healthier and can maintain your immune system. All original(especially organic) honey can give the same benefit.

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I was admiring my sister’s beehives yesterday. The bees are just starting to get active and move about; there are some blossoms on the fruit trees but not much flowering in the garden. And I could see no little pollen sacks on the bees yet.

There will be no local honey for a while. My sister is cracking the whip over those honey bees, however.

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Thank you I am going to check the health food store.
Thank you everyone for the information.

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@philosopher: Beekkeepers who are green tap the honey in the fall, but just part of it. Some is left for the bees as nourishment to overwinter. And my sister said that the bees are indeed collecting nectar from the birches, beeches and flowering fruit trees.

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Yeah that link pretty much confirms what I’ve read so if your allergies are primarily plant based, it should help. And it’s a lot cheaper than the allergy shots.

Unfortunately for me, the majority of my allergy problem is caused by molds and dust/dust mites.

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I am pretty sure I have them all.
I am too busy to spend hours waiting for shots. I use to.
I will keep looking for local honey.

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Did the shots help at all? Just curious.

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When I had a good Doctor it worked.
My problem is I had to wait for hours to get a shot.
My Autistic Son can not wait for hours. They had no consideration for us.
We both were getting shots.
I went for years.
One day these idiotic Doctors Rubinstein and Landor took a new patience first who came after us; and I never came back.
I told him how I felt and he stupidly responded I promised her. I told him my Son is Autistic and can not wait long. You should understand this.
I respond very bluntly to inconsiderate people. I will not tolerate my Son being mistreated by anyone.

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