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Where can i buy an exploding dye packet to catch a thief?

Asked by quadman (13points) June 12th, 2010

I live in a nursing home. We have a sneek thief that works from 11pm-7am They go in rooms while were sleeping and steals money, jewelry, watches etc: the person has stole $600.00+ The administrator want’s to set a trap.Record the $$ serial #‘s and place them in a satchel with a exploding dye packet. When the thief unzips the pouch and opens the flap 3 seconds later the dye packet will explode in his face as he looks in and on his hands! Please help me find the company who makes the dye packets. thank you… on of the victims

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@lillycoyote I was just about to go in search of that.

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A very simple trap can be made with a mousetrap (or rat trap) and string fireworks “poppers” .
Have you thought about installing an IR video camera to record it?
Security Cameras Direct has good stuff.

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there are powders that you can brush on a dollar bill. When they come in contact with human skin, the oil from their skin will activate it and turn it purple. Incredibly difficult to get off.

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An easier solution is to get one of something like this and put one end in the bag with valuables and the other taped in the drawer or container for the satchel. It will make a racket when it unplugs as the item is removed from a resident’s drawer.

Here is where you get the powder mentioned above.

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@syz I actually Googled “exploding dye packs” and the old Fluther question was the second hit so I just thought I would post that.

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@Kayak8 I have one of those alarms and it works very well. You can use it many ways. Pull on the wire and the siren goes off. Or you can put the two paddles under an object so the alarm sounds when it is lifted. Or you can put the paddles inside a purse to sound the alarm when it’s opened. It is very loud.

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