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Men in your mid 30s, what do you truly think of divorced but very sweet ladies with kids?

Asked by Crossroadsgrl (922points) December 6th, 2011

That is all/ I’m 41. He’s probably 37….we have TONS in common…but now that I’m not married, he’s backing OFF

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Depends on how the children act. It is not just you he would be dating. He would have to accept your children as well.
I am 36, with a 10 year old daughter. If a lady is not down with my child, then I can’t be down with her, no matter what.

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absolutely. YES. I have three, VERY well behaved girls. Who he knows. The kids are NOT the issue, in this case….....

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I’m 30, and older women really aren’t my thing (especially if they have families). I have friends my age who love older women. People like different things and are looking for different things in their lives. The prospect of potentially taking on the responsibility of 3 children (and possibly having to support them financially down the line) would be hard to ignore. My answer may be unpopular to many, but I think it’s important to give honest feedback.

You really haven’t given us all that much to work with in terms of information about this guy and how well you know each other. Details are helpful, and there could be a million reasons why he’s backing off (many of which that could have nothing to do with you or your daughters).

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Depends entirely on how well-behaved the kids are.

I’m 38 and love kids, but wise crackin’ teenagers are annoying.

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It is not really about the kids to me so much as the potential for unwanted drama. Sometimes you get this with childless women too. I don’t mind if the woman is older but I would hope that gap would be less than 10 years, same with the younger age direction. I can’t answer why the guy is doing what he is since not all of us guys think alike, contrary to what popular self-help/dating advice tells us.

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