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Okay, I'm throwing myself to the mercy of the female jellies with this, but do you ladies sometimes flash your breasts to guys just to toy with us?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36648points) July 14th, 2012

I was ordering a sub at an area shop, and this really nice looking young lady comes up to take my order. She’s not wearing a lot, short shorts and a skimpy tank top. I asked my S/O what she would like and then place my order. The young lady leans over the counter to write the order down, looks up at me with an evil grin, and leans over further. Good god I had to turn away, everything was on display and then some. And she still had the grin. I think she knew she was messing with me big time. Am I way off base or do some women do this.

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Yes. And when you make your move in response, we slap you with a sexual harrassment lawsuit to milk you dry.

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I’m going to assume she wanted a bigger tip. And I don’t mean your penis.

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Only with my SO, and never to any guy before he came along.

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//( o Y o )\\

Noooooooo….... I have no idea what you’re talking about. <whistles innocently>

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Not to the point where you could see anything but a bit of cleavage. And usually it’s special circumstances, like getting drinks at a bar or getting passed a bouncer. But not to some random dude whose order I am taking.

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I think that you are correct. As the old saying goes “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” I work in a health clinic and sometimes I have to draw blood on patients. It can be difficult to concentrate on finding a vein in the arm of a woman flaunting her huge nearly bear breasts. I have to lean over her and I’m so close that I don’t have to look at the breasts to see them. They are right there in my peripheral vision. Even when there are good sized veins I say a silent prayer not to miss. It isn’t just me either. The women phlebotomists that I’ve talk to about this also feel uncomfortable in this situation where they have to draw blood on a woman flaunting her nearly bear breasts.

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The only time I could possibly see myself doing such a thing would be during a drunken Mardi Gras crawl in New Orleans in order to gather some of those oh-so-coveted plastic beads. Other than that, it’s just not me. Especially not these days, as I’ve gotten older and my boobies are not as great as they used to be.

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You New York men are too much. That sounds like a story my husband would tell. Except he would end the story with…“Well, she’s only human. What do you expect?”

What did your SO say when the girl…um, hum…flashed her breasts for you to see?

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@bkcunningham After I got the first few flashes I turned away to my S/O. I don’t know if my S/O picked it up. I just asked, she didn’t notice.

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It is because you’re so adorable, @Adirondackwannabe.

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I have never flashed my breasts.

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I never have either.

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Me neither Although I used to skinny-dip regularly but always on beaches where everyone was doing likewise.

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I have not deliberately flashed my breasts at any man other than my partner. There is another side to this story though in that some guys put themselves in positions where they are likely to catch a flash of boob. I used to work in an electronic retail store and when serving customers you had to lean on the counter to complete the invoice. I later found out that men who worked in that store had a favourite vantage point where they would stand in the hope of seeing down the women’s shirts as they bent over. I also found out after the fact that some of the technicians liked to congregate in the corner opposite my desk which did not have a vanity board. So…two sides to every story.

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I do not do that aside from to my partner, like @Bellatrix said. I waitress but do not want to make more tips simply because of that.

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A girl who was a few cubicles down got in a fight with her boss once way back. She quit. On her way out she stopped to talk to everyone. I told her I was going to miss her, there was a drought of pretty women to flirt with in the office. She flashed me, then left.

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I never flash my breasts.

Sometimes I realize I am flashing my bra I guess, because my shirt is too loose maybe at the top, but I never want that to happen on purpose.

I had on a shirt today that you could see some cleavage, I rarely wear shirts that show any boobage, but I would not say I was flashing anyone, I just thought the shirt was cute.

I have sunbathed topless on beaches where such things are dine, but I would not call that a flash.

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I do wear blouses and bras that I know show great cleavage, but rarely do I deliberately move in such a way to show more than is regularly displayed.

But there are some perks to being perky and every girl knows it. I personally try to keep it classy, show leg or cleavage, never both.

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Whoa, easy old fella, remember your dickie ticker ;¬}
Any woman who flashes her tits this brazenly isn’t really worth the effort, put them away dear.
No, far better to have a slight challenge, a quick stealthy glance rather than a full on gawk.
This from a well & truly confirmed tit man.

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