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What can I put under a kitchen table and chairs to prevent my new porcelain floor from being scratched?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) November 3rd, 2012

My son is hard on things.
The table is metal.

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I’ll go out on a limb here, but… a rug?

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I would try to put felt pads under all the legs like this.

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If the porcelain tile has a matte finish you shouldn’t need anything because the tile is harder than the metal pads on chairs and table legs.

If the finish is shiny then purchase felt pads to stick on the chair and table legs. I found that velvet cloth and contact cement is a good substitute if the self adhesive pads aren’t available.

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How would you get the pads to stay on?
Someone told me buy carpet remnants preferably in door outdoor carpet. I spent so much I must protect it.
Thank you both for your suggestions.

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@philosopher When I first did it I used contact cement. That worked well enough for the table but I later glued the pads on the chairs with Gorilla Glue. Felt is better than carpet because the carpet is too thick and will pull off faster.

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Many housewares and hardware stores, such as Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond, sell the felt dots that have adhesive on one side.

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@philosopher: I have never heard of a porcelain floor.

Do you have pictures or a link?

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I’d go for a nice area rug most likely, but there are furniture caps for table and chair legs that minimize scratching flooring of all kinds. Yes…porcelain floors, interesting, do you mean tiled floors?

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To add to the votes for felt—you can find adhesive felt in various sizes of circles and squares, as well as in sheets to cut yourself. I’ve felted all my furniture’s feet. It works very well, keeps floors from getting scratched and makes the chairs more push-able.
Tadah! Here they are

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They just finished putting it in today. The grout is not even on yet. We are not allowed in the kitchen or Dinette yet.
They claim it is better than ceramic tile. I guess only time will tell.
The man who did it also did my sister in laws house and after years it still looks great.
We bought the tile at Richmond Ceramic tile. You can Goggle Richmond Ceramic tile or porcelain tile.
They started on Thursday and will finish Monday.
All this right after the Hurricane. I am grateful for everything.
Maybe I can eventually take pictures.

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According to my ex-floor installer husband, porcelain is really hard to scratch. That’s one of the selling points, I believe.

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That was what we were told. They say the tile is better made now too.

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I’m with @Ron_C porcelain tiles are harder and more durable than ceramic, and I never even worried about moving furniture across ceramic. But, if you are worried about it get the felt dots or you can get little rubber covers that fit over the bottom of the legs.

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They never stay on in my house. I bought them and will clue them on.
I am also going to buy in door outdoor run remnants. I want to put them under the table, chairs, by the oven, refrigerator and by my island.

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@philosopher Have you had wood floors in the past? I ask because you seemed worried about the floor as though it is wood.

The rubber things we have are not glued, they kind of just fit over the bottom of the leg. I have no idea where we bought them. They don’t really look good though, you can notice them.

I recommend you take a spare tile and try to scratch it up. I think after that you will feel confident you don’t have to worry. I had porcelain in one house, never worried about it, never had a problem.

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Yes I have wood floors but this is for the tile.

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@philosopher That’s what I mean, you are thinking like a wood floor owner, but now you have tile. You don’t have to worry about the tile.

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I have wood in the Family room and tile in the Kitchen/Dinette. The Ceramic did scratch.

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@philosopher Interesting. I have never had my ceramic scratch. I’m not sure if I have had metal scraping against it? Definitely wood legs.

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