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Is there a site where you can cash a check on your computer?

Asked by lightcloud22 (6points) December 4th, 2017

Most check cashing sites say you need to download site to phone but I don`t have a cellphone, so is there a site where you can cash from your computer? I`m not talking about an online bank but if they can put it into your online bank, & will they cash any check big or small?

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How in the world are you going to get cash to come out of your phone or computer???

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You can deposit, but not cash, using a phone app. I don’t know of such a site or software, but I don’t see why there wouldn’t be, as long as you have a scanner or camera hooked up to your computer, since the apps authenticate using a login & password. Such apps that I know of are per-bank, so you might call up your banks and ask them if they have such a thing for computer.

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