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Remember when cops were fun?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15770points) 1 day ago

If you don’t, then check out these links.
If you do, please add more links.

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Did you mean “Remember when cops were better at public relations?”

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My Q is as seen.

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Yes. I remember the abundance of copaganda.

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Cops were never fun. – Dagobert Duck.

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Awww, @JLeslie, the first one… I’m laughing and crying.
When my daughter was in elementary school, she wanted the school cop to be on her Christmas list.

So many special officers out there.

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I remember when cops were all older folks. Now they look like kids to me.
Of course my age perspective hasn’t changed at all.

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Loli, you have not embraced the purpose of this thread.

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Why would I? I mean, you might as well have made a thread about Skinheads helping old (white) people across the road.

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It’s just not so simple.

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Grimmy, could you please elaborate?

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Yes, good times. I loved all those videos.

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Me & Susie had so much fun

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@Patty_Melt Coincidently, I was just on a facebook thread about school resource officers last week, and I was one of the lone ones on the thread saying our officer in high school was there to protect us, and we didn’t fear him. He also didn’t bother with hassling us about every little thing. We didn’t worry about him seeing us in the halls during classes, and things like that. Maybe part of it was because we had an open campus for lunch (we could leave and come back) and lunch was 3 of the 6 periods, so half the day students were allowed in the halls anyway. He wasn’t really “policing” use he was there to keep us safe.

The facebook thread I was one was mostly people from Memphis, I went to high school in Maryland. It seemed the Memphis experience was very different, and I don’t know if it was a reaction to existing problems there, or maybe some of the problems there was a reaction to how the schools were being policed, or how students were treated? It seems like a chicken and egg thing maybe. I see a lot of comments on my facebook about parents being more punitive minded in Memphis compared to how I grew up, and again, chicken and egg maybe. Many parents still in favor of corporal punishment, which did not exist in any school I ever attended, and a basic feeling that children are out of control.

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@JLeslie Same here. Our SRO’s are ex cops or LEO’s, and they’ve kept bullying, drugs, fights out of the school’s. They are beloved in our area as the first line of defense for our kids.

I fully support communities with different experiences changing their situation. But here they will stay.

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You’re asking this on a site where there are no black people. The answers lack credible diversity.

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No, I don’t remember cops being fun.

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No. But them I’m not white, neither were most of the people I knew, and my neighborhood was the ghetto.

Must be nice.

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@tinyfaery I always think of you as white, white Latin American. I made a wrong Assumption maybe. Are you black, or you just don’t consider Hispanic to be white?

@ALL My school was extremely diverse (my high school was in a city that still is usually at the top for most diverse cities) but not the ghetto. People were mostly middle class, but definitely who were all parts of middle class more lower-middle than upper middle. Many of my peers had parents who had immigrated to America.

Demographic info 2000 for Gaithersburg, MD. As of the census[28] of 2000, there were 52,613 people, 19,621 households, and 12,577 families residing in the city. The population density was 5,216.2 people per square mile (2,013.3/km2). There were 20,674 housing units at an average density of 2,049.7 per square mile (791.1/km2). The racial makeup of the city is 34.7% White, 19.5% Black or African American, 0.2% Native American, 13.9% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 3.6% from other races, and 3.2% from two or more races. 24.8% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. 34.3% of Gaithersburg’s population was foreign-born


If concede that we had more white non-Hispanics when I was there, I remember the statistic being my high school was 40% minorities.

Side note: I went to school with Auggie.

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They are the same cops today as they’ve ever been. Some are awesome, others are assholes.

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@tinyfaery It IS nice, especially for the kids. I’m sorry you didn’t get that experience, seriously.

May I ask how you felt about cops growing up? Were you taught to go to them if in trouble or what was that like?

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@JLeslie I am half Mexican and half white. I grew up where the population was about 90% Latino. I guess I’m white with Latino heritage, but I did not grow up with my white family because they disowned my mother (except for my grandparents) so I grew up like a Mexican.

@KNOWITALL My parents didn’t do much teaching of anything. I’d say I had a neutral view of cops until I was 13 or so and then my friends started getting harassed for no reason. Also, I can pass as white, and the way my very brown friends were treated vs. the way I was treated was glaringly unequal. And I was the worst of all of my friends by far.

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@tinyfaery Now that you explained it, I do remember you writing that before. My husband is Mexican, born and raised, and I don’t think of him as another race, not that it matters. On the census he’s white. White is a very broad term to me, but I know it seems to have been narrowed now to mean European white I guess. He doesn’t have any Mexican indigenous ancestry, he is second generation Mexican.

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I’m half Mexican too. My father is from Guadalajara. Me, I’m whiter than white.

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I knew there would be one or two who would try to derail this thread, but in spite of that, we have a couple of good conversations going here, so I’m feeling good about it.
My parents moved a lot, so I was in several schools in about half a dozen states. Not one of my schools had anyone on staff for security. The schools where I started, and stayed the longest, had a lady principal, and she had an impressive paddle with holes drilled in it.
Our local cops were funny in the very mention of them.
Sheriff Orville Lee, and deputy Dick, hand to gawd. You can’t take LEOs like that seriously. You just can’t. It is better than Boss Hogg, and real.

I don’t deny there are some wretched officers out there, but I believe current events have an unbalanced representation of officers. I brought up the subject because losing sight of reality is making targets of some truly good men and women.

During my time driving cab, I had calls come from cops. They would pull someone over for driving drunk. If the person had no other violations, the cops would give them the option of jail overnight, or if they could afford it they could just take a cab home, and have a court date. This was in two different towns, so definitely not simply the policy of a precinct. I had one lieutenant who sometimes waited in the parking lot at closing time. When someone grabs a door handle, he would point out that a cab would keep them out of trouble. No ticket, nothing. So, I know first hand that there are decent cops out there. One time they did a super cool maneuver to keep me safe. It was dark, stealthy, on par with a good movie scene.

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I was raised to be wary of the police, I have said this on other Q’s. Wary in the same way I was wary of men in general. Basically, the message was if a police officer was a bad man he could rape me and no one would believe me, don’t be alone with a male police officer. Not that I thought most police officers were bad men, just that if you get unlucky you are not going to be able to get away and you would never have justice if you lived.

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In my late teens I took some risks with the law, trying to get frisked by a good looking cop.
It failed.

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In Aurora, Colorado, the police used tear gas and pepper spray on a group who were playing violins and other musical instruments. The crowd was sitting on the ground listening to the music, yet the police attacked unprovoked.

Trying to show the good side of cops with questions like this is sickening.

Why don’t you get some black people on this thread to tell you if their experiences with the police are benign? @tinyfaery told you her Latino friends who couldn’t pass as white were subject to different behavior by the cops, but it has not been mostly ignored.

This question is only possible because of systemic racism. It is only in a bifurcated world riven with racism that one whole group can say the police are good while a separate large section of the population can say they aren’t.

This question wreaks of white privilege.

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How about the testimonials I have posted on multiple questions where not only are you getting their take, you actually see they are who they say they are?
I will post a gain here, but later. I need to take a break.

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@Hawaii_Jake I think the answers are showing how different the experiences are in minority areas, but I think also there might be a socio-economic part to it too as I hear more stories. Of course, the system works against minorities to climb the social latter, so that’s unfair too. We aren’t ignoring @tinyfaery. I think all the jellies believe her. I believe her. You don’t like how the question was asked, but the answers are still interesting and help prove the point of the BLM movement.

In Memphis, which I mentioned above, I would bet a lot of the resource officers in schools are black. It would be interesting to know if that makes the experience different. Some cities try to only allow local people to work in policing and try to diversify the force to meet the diversity of the area.

There are a lot of bad cops. The nature of the work attracts men who want to carry guns, drive fast, and have power over people. It’s like pedophiles being attracted to jobs like teaching, coach, and priest.

I completely believe there is racism in policing. I heard someone recently saying the FBI has been looking into the WS joining police forces for years now. The FBI needs to do better! Not doing enough to root out the situation.

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Patty. Being a LEO, sucks. You’re often thrust into a situation, where you have to make split second decisions, and there may not be a “right” decision…

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@tinyfaery I can see how that shaped your perspective at a young age. Here, we don’t see it the same because we have so few minorities.

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Here, every year, on the last day of school the police visit the playgrounds at the elementary schools. It’s really neat.

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