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Have you ever been responsible for a kid who developed a 104⁰ temp?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46256points) 1 month ago

My 9 year old grandson developed one. I was talking to mom and said “How terrifying!”

When I had daycare one of the daycare kids developed one. I took her temp and stared at it in disbelief.
I gave her Ibuprofen and called Mom.
“You need to pick her up!” I said.
She seemed unconcerned. Said she’d call the doctor and make an appointment.
I said “Fine. But come get Annalise NOW!” So she did. The kid survived.

My daughter said yesterday was just terrifying until his temp came down.

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Me, at 11 from Asian Flu, Christmas time. My mom put facecloths soaked in water and sometimes rubbing alcohol.

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“Children and babies can have higher temperatures than adults, as they have a larger surface area compared to their body weight. Toddlers also sweat less and have a faster metabolism, which can cause them to have a higher body temperature. According to a 2019 article, a fever alone is rarely harmful and does not typically exceed 105.8ºF (41ºC).”

But even knowing that, it would scare me!!

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I just got rid of my kid ASAP! Blew my mind that Mom seemed so unconcerned.

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These weren’t toddlers @smudges. Just scary.

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Ibuprofen takes about 50 minutes, too long to wait. I don’t mean don’t give the medicine, you should, but 104 can go to 105 in a short time. You have to physically reduce the temp in the meantime by using a cool compress and wipe their arms and legs and forehead. The baby will hate it! Not too cold, but cool enough for a minute to reduce the temperature a degree. I still do it as an adult if I’m up at 103°F and for my husband too.

I haven’t actually cared for a baby that hot, I’m sure it’s very scary. I do remember being a very young child and having 105 and my parents being very worried. I was miserable. My mom was probably terrified I’d go into convulsions like I did as a baby with a fever around that range. They used a wrung out towel to get my fever down a degree quickly. It was horrible! I could tell the whole story, but too long.

I’m not a doctor. Obviously, you should always consult your pediatrician.

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I few hundred years ago, when I had a gingerbread house in the woods. Though I usually had the oven at at least 200 degrees, not just 104.

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My kid did, a couple times. Recovered fine.

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Kids can spike a high fever. It’s not that unusual. Of course, you want to help it go down.

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Yes. Tylenol dose and cool bath soaks.

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Actually I heard cool baths does the opposite. It sets the kid to shaking from cold and that shaking is designed to raise the body temp.

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@Dutchess_III Not sure where you heard it, but it is still a treatment.

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A doc told me that years ago and it sounded logical.

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Lukewarm baths are good to lower body temperature.

But not so cold that it causes them to shiver.

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@Dutchess_III awwww kitty and man. the pretty girl in red disappeared! lol

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I worked on my avatar all damn day! But thank you for noticing @smudges. That was my oldest granddaughter, and what’s up now is my son. It’s just a cool pic.

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@Dutchess_III I know what you mean about working on it all day. I haven’t gone that far, but have spent hours on one. Pisses me off when they don’t fit and I can’t make them! I figured it was your granddaughter. You son is nice-looking, and of course, all kitties are beautiful. ;)

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He’s got his Grizzly Adams gear on. He works outside.

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Cool! My nephew has a full beard, too. He’s 34 but looks just like a baby if he shaves!

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I really need to edit this to a 105⁰ fever. 104⁰ would have raised my eyebrows but I wouldn’t have reacted the way I said in the details.
I’ve dealt with 104 a lot but it was always fleeting.

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Many times. Both of my kids had temps of 105 a number of times when they were little. Strep was the most common culprit.

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