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Is pantyhose making my mother's feet smelly ?

Asked by milosav (19points) April 28th, 2009

My mom wears pantyhose every day and often wears same nylons for 4–5 days and her feet really stink.. Is it normal?

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It is not normal to smell your mother’s nylons.

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If she doesn’t wash them & wears them for 4–5 days, OF COURSE they’re going to smell. Her feet are in shoes & they’re sweating. I’m sorry, but this is just gross. She needs to wear a fresh, clean pair every day.

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^^ what the squirrel said ^^

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Yes, nylon is NOT a natural “breathing” material. The toxins coming out of her pores when her feet sweat are being trapped to her skin by the nylon. First, she should wash the nylons, second, she should wash her feet once she takes off the nylons, third she should air out her shoes nightly and fourth, she should use a corn starch powder in her shoe to help keep her feet dry during the day.

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Makes me think of when I used to work retail (wearing high heels and nylons every day, on my feet all day) when my children were small. I would beg my son to rub my feet. He never complained and will tell you now that he did it because he loved me. He jokes that now he has a horrible fear of feet. He will scream if someone tries to touch him with their foot.

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I found that dress socks with nylon caused my feet to smell after just one wearing. I now stick to socks with mostly cotton. My current favorites are made of bamboo – soft, silky, and cool.

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