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I'm a guy, a little short, and I have a round face. What hair style should I get to suit that?

Asked by rockfan (6933points) December 10th, 2013 from iPhone

Any ideas? I’ve always had my hair really short, but I don’t think it fits my face shape.

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None of the girly looks or you’ll look cherubic lol. Maybe hip longer straight bangs & short sides.

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I think rocking a mohawk would be awesome! In other words, do what your personality tells you to do. I’m just an attractive stranger on the internet. I don’t know your dreams, fears, favorite video game or where you hid the bodies. All I know is as far as hair goes, if it’s comfortable and looks decent than it’s fine.

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One of my dear friends has a perfectly round face. He keeps his hair very long (must be to the middle of his back by now) and thick mutton chops. Looks amazing on him. Actually, his beard grows really quickly, so he’s always experimenting with new facial hair. He goes back to the ‘chops a lot though.

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Look at some of these styles.
It really depends on what you like and how much time you want to spend on it.

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You can try some long hairstyles that will slim and add height to your face.This year mostly boys are trying messy hair. The Long and layered hairstyle that has a messy but structured appearance would be a good choice.

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Based on your description I would go with the hair style of the fella on the right.

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Go to a really good hair designer, and ask their opinion.

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