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What to do when you have an aggressive noisy neighbour who is intent in disturbing you 24/7 with loud vibrational heavy base sound,when you are a calm non-aggressive person,?

Asked by patrice22 (4points) December 3rd, 2008
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Call the cops.

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Do you know that this neighbor is doing it just to disturb you? Have you tryied talking to this person to tell them their noise is annoying you?

I’d say first talk to the person. If you are nervous about a face to face confrontation, leave a note on their door. Then, if it doesn’t work.. call the cops.

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Check for noise ordinances in your town – most limit noise after a certain time of night. Then call the cops.

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yeah, call the cops, but FIRST, try this…

if you have the nerve, simply drop by and say you would love to join the party, but could you just turn it down a little? my kids are trying to concentrate on homework.

sometimes these little subtleties of life just hit home in even the rogue-est of some people. .

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I know this person tobe aggressive because for the ist time in 18mths,Mariah Carey’s song “all I want for Christmas cane on and I thought I would despite this bombardment of loud heavybase vibrational resonance which has bin going on continually for sev weeks .I decided to move arounfd and to hell with her I would have a little dance, well all hell broke loose she banged with a plank for what seemed like forever ,with such force,so guys I have thought ,now tonight she full steam ahead with this vibrational torture ,what’s the point of me tapping on the ceiling because she will only come back with a tumult. pleas any sensible wise views appreciated, police say it is an environmental and advice logging,its just with sleep deprivation I am becoming unwell.
please help

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Um, wow, I am physically unable to read that. I think you have neurological damage from the sleep deprivation. (Logging? Are there lumberjacks involved?)

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I would take her a plate of cookies, all smiles, and yell HI! I’M FROM UPSTAIRS, I WANT TO SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Then when she asks why you’re shouting, say that you were giving her the benefit of being hard of hearing, since the music is so loud. Then talk to her nicely about it. You may also want to talk to other neighbors, and go talk to her together.

Just remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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Do a bunch of little annoying things, similar to what Jim does to Dwight in The Office. Like, accidentally let your dog take a poop on their doormat, move around furniture or take up piano lessons.

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Oh! Oh! Accordion lessons! Or maybe bagpipes!

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Talk to them, in your calm, non-aggressive way.

If your neighbor doesn’t get a clue after speaking nicely to her, then call the landlord.

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This reminds me of the time when I had a younger housemate and she and her boyfriend were, well, let’s just say they were particularly loud. You know. So one night, on their third go-round at about 2am, I put “Mmm Bop!” by Hanson in the CD player, aligned the speakers to their room, turned the volume up to ELEVEN, and went through the song about five times.

No more sex sounds after that, and I could get some sleep. The housemate was humming Mmm Bop for days afterward, though.

If you want to get passive-aggressive instead of, say, calling the cops, wait until they’re trying to sleep and play some Hanson. It worked for me. :)

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I seem to be a magnet for bad neighbors. Every single place I have ever lived with common walls it seemed that I had rude neighbors. One couple literally kept us up all night long with their headboard banging the wall constantly (the guy must have been a real stud). We tried everything from putting up sound board in one place (it worked to muffle the noise a bit), to dropping things hard on the floor to make a point, to walking over and talking the them. In my experience talking to them always worked the best, even if they were obnoxious jerks. I was always very kind and explained the situation, most of the time they got it but they all seemed to need reminders now and then.

I’m confused though, is this person above or below you? You mentioned that your dance incurred her wrath, but then said something about the ceiling.

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kick down the door and tell them to prepare for an ass-kicking…
well ask the politely first haha

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Cops after hours & talk to the landlord. The latter would only work if you are a better tenant than noisy neighbor. You might even see if anybody you know is looking for a new place. Kicking out noisy neighbor may be easier if the apartment isn’t going to be vacant.

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Yes you should first try visiting them and let them know they are disturbing you. This works most times.

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get a nice stereo system, and start playing loud music at 6am.. that will be your territory. I’m pretty sure they don’t like mornings.

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Here’s another idea. Go online and look up your area laws for noise disturbance. Print out the laws, and possible punishments and either tape it to her door, or mail it to her with no return address. Maybe if she sees what charges can be pressed against her, she will settle down.

Then once again, call the cops while she is at her worst, and ask them to come to your place first, so they can come in and hear what you are hearing before speaking to her.

After that, be prepared for much more of the same, but call the cops each and every time she does that. My Mom taught me as a little girl that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ That means if you call the cops often enough, and stay polite with them, they will eventually get tired of dealing with her and crack down harder on her. Good luck with this. I’m sorry you’re having such a problem. She is a very inconsiderate jerk!!

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